Satveer has been a part of numerous campaigns and educational tools over the years. Here are some of the projects she is or has been a part of:

Gloucestershire Healthy Learning and Living [GHLL]

Satveer continues to be involved with GHLL, delivering workshops at conferences alongside providing training funded by GHLL and GCC to school nurses and education staff from the region.

Gloucestershire G15 Mental Health

Satveer is currently a part of a project improving mental health knowledge and support across school communities in schools belonging to the G15 group in Gloucestershire. She has been funded to deliver whole day sessions in secondary schools for staff, students and parents.

Advanced Life Support Group [ALSG] & ‘Acute Psychiatric Emergencies Course [APEx]’

Satveer features on the training video providing her experiences of having a mental health emergency in the acute hospital. The video provides information to acute clinicians in both the medical and psychiatric settings upon how best to support someone presenting with a mental health crisis. The training course is currently being delivered nationally and internationally.

RCPsych Steering group member for ‘The Better Services for People who Self-Harm Project’ and the ‘Psychiatric Liaison Accreditation Network’ [PLAN]

Satveer is also a member of the Accreditation Committee for PLAN.

Mental Health First Aid England [MHFA]

MHFA provides individuals and organisations with the confidence and knowledge to respond to mental illness. The programme covers workplace mental health, adult mental health and youth mental health. Satveer is proud to be a part of the MHFA England training video. She speaks candidly about her lived experience of mental illness and self-harm. Her video is regularly used on instructor courses where she is also invited to as a plenary speaker.

Meera Syal ‘A World of Pain’ BBC 2 Documentary (2009)

Satveer featured on this documentary speaking of her experiences of self-harm.

Newham Asian Women’s Project ‘Everybody Hurts’ DVD resource (2006)

Satveer was featured on the DVD playing out the story of a young person who has self-harmed. She was also a part of the steering group for the project.

MIND mental health stigma reducing poster

Satveer is featured on a MIND poster that has been spotted in shops, hospitals and the café in EastEnders! The poster campaign photographed people with lived experience of mental illness to show anyone can be affected – regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality.

Ashram Housing (Birmingham) ‘Breaking Silence’ short film DVD on domestic abuse

Satveer helped write the story for the DVD using her personal experiences of being British Asian and cultural conflict that she endured at times. The DVD was created to raise awareness of domestic abuse in the South Asian community.

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