Summer Approaches

Summer Approaches

Hi all! As the training calendar begins to get a little quieter as the summer approaches I thought I would take the opportunity to write a blog. I intend to do these monthly to give an update on not just work, but to also share relevant news articles on young people and self-harm, mental illness and suicide.

The last few months have been very busy and I have had the pleasure of working in a number of schools including Ratcliffe College, Queen Ethelburga’s, Haberdasher’s Monmouth, The Reading Boys School and Thomas Keble. The school sessions have consisted of either delivery to students, or a combination of student, staff and parent sessions. The Thomas Keble School had over 40 parents attend and it was very well received.

Outside of my work in schools, I spoke at the Royal College of Emergency Study Day where I delivered a patient perspective talk to colleagues from Emergency Medicine. This talk was very well received and it was an honour to speak alongside individuals such as Dr. Anne Hicks and Dr. Geraldine Strathclyde. I have been delivering other training sessions including to residential support staff at Unity Residential, a fantastic project in Stoke-on-Trent. I also continue to deliver full day training sessions in Gloucestershire as part of the Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning.

The feedback from all the sessions have been fantastic, but what I always get touched by is when students take time to thank me and come forward to speak to me about their own struggles after the session.

This for me highlights the importance of talking. Being open breaks down stigma, fear and gives people (students and adults) the permission to disclose. I am now getting ready to deliver the final sessions I have booked in over the next few months, before the rush begins again in September. The next few months I have a mixture of full day CPD training, half-day workshops, sessions for students and conference presentations.