If you are looking for a workshop that tackles incredibly difficult topics in an honest and engaging way then this is it. We have never had such positive feedback from pupils and parents following any workshop before. Pupils said that Satveer ‘got them’ and was able to understand and relate to them in a way no other external speaker or agency has before. In my many years as a DSL and pastoral lead this was by far the most informative and engaging workshop I have attended… and I have attended many!

Susannah Abbot, Queen’s College London


I just wanted to say how much your talk last night helped me .Your unflinching delivery with humour was pitch perfect and your perspective was exactly what I needed to hear and clarified many questions/assumptions I had. I feel much more equipped to support and help my childs recovery. Thank You.

Parent, Bedales School


Satveer spent an enlightening and informative day with us, delivering workshops to students, staff and parents/carers. The workshops were tailored to each audience and the feedback from all was excellent. Satveer’s ability to deliver what can be a difficult topic in such an engaging way was so useful….and very entertaining! We will definitely welcome Satveer back to our school for future year groups.

Alex Ridge, Head of Yr10-11, St Philomena’s School


Satveer was fantastic for us as a School. Students, staff and parents were wowed by how she took a challenging subject and educated us all in a sensitive, empathetic but also entertaining way! We will certainly be asking her back and very strongly recommend booking her to all other schools

Richard Salt, Deputy Head Pastoral, The Crypt School


Satveer was able to build confidence in our staff about having conversations around self-harm and suicide in a way which put our members of staff at ease with. She delivered in a professional and humorous way considering the difficulty in addressing such topics. She is a must for any schools inset training.

Sue Bruce, Head of PSE at Fettes College, Edinburgh


We were delighted to welcome Satveer to The University of Nottingham where she delivered an insightful and incredibly helpful session on self-harm awareness. Drawing from her own experiences, Satveer did not shy away from tackling this subject with open honesty, encouraging staff to think critically about the assumptions they make connected to those who self-harm. Satveer has an outstanding delivery approach that makes tackling such a sensitive issue more palatable. We would highly recommend Satveer to any organisation that wishes to engage staff with the complex issue of self-harm.

Tina Byrom, University of Nottingham


Satveer is an experienced trainer who offers unique training using her own lived experience of self-harm. She makes a very difficult subject manageable and enables the learners to go away feeling informed and more confident in identifying signs and symptoms of self-harm, how to have a conversation with someone who they think may be self-harming and where to go for help. She brings humour to the day, while maintaining a professional respectful manner. Her style and informative training is clearly reflected in the excellent feedback people gave on the day with a couple of comments being ‘Possibly the best trainer that I have experienced on any training course I have attended’, ‘the trainer is outstanding, engaging and relatable.

Vicky Dudley, Learning and Development Officer at Shropshire Council


Satveer Nijjar appeared at The Samaritans East Region Conference and gave a powerful and moving talk about self-harm covering its possible causes and its effects on individuals and those around them. The talk was delivered with a lightness of touch that was professional, personable and inspirational.

Mark J Smith, Deputy Regional Director at The Samaritans


Satveer kindly delivered three separate sessions across the Foreign Office estate in the UK. Everyone attending gained a unique insight into a much-misunderstood area of emotional wellbeing. Satveer’s expert knowledge and lived-in experience, together with her very accessible style of delivery, created a lasting positive impression on all attendees.

Donald S, FCO Wellbeing Committee Member and MHFA Instructor


Satveer’s presentation was honest and engaging, delivered with both professionalism and humour. She tailored her delivery to the various audiences we had booked her for; students, staff and parents, all of whom found her to be knowledgeable, candid and relatable. Over the past few years we have invited a number of speakers in to our school to deliver talks on Mental Health and Satveer has received the most positive feedback to-date. We will definitely book her again.

Lucy Tinnirello, Hockerill Anglo-European


Satveer Nijjar gave the opening presentation on the first full day of our Samaritans Three Regions Conference in Bath in July 2018, to around 255 delegates and several co-presenters. Her presentation set the tone of the weekend, hearing from amazing speakers who had real life experience. Feedback from our delegates showed her presentation to be one of the highlights of the weekend. Satveer is at the same time wonderfully engaging, expert, serious, humorous, heart-wrenchingly honest and uplifting and as one of our delegates put it so well “proof that the human spirit can survive”

Jill Goddard, Samaritans Conference Coordinator


Satveer’s knowledge and training style were excellent. The sessions were very well received by pupils, staff and parents. This is a tough subject but Satveer made it accessible and it was of huge value to take a proactive approach as a school.

Lucy Burrell, School Nurse, St. Edmunds School, Surrey


Self harm is a topic that everyone is aware of, but nobody talks about and I wanted to raise awareness of it in our school. Even though Satveer came highly recommended by a colleague, I was still anxious about presenting a ‘controversial’ topic to parents. However, I talked at length to Satveer about my reservation and within the first five minutes of her presentation to students, I relaxed. Her open, honest delivery engages the students from the start and the content is hard hitting, but sensitive and age appropriate. The parent’s session was a huge success and every single parent thanked us for having the courage to address the topic as a school. I cannot recommend Satveer highly enough and if you have any doubts about inviting Satveer into your school, pick up the phone and talk through your concerns. You will not regret it.

Vicky Sherwood, Box Hill School


Satveer Nijjar gave a two hour training session to our Hampshire Independent School Nurse’s Forum this June, tackling the often misunderstood issue of self harm and touching on suicidal ideation. Subjects that remain sensitive, challenging and misunderstood by parents, teachers and health care professionals.


Satveer does not mince her words. Articulate, fun and memorable to listen to, helping you get inside the mind of someone, in that situation. Her passionate conviction and authority on this subject, immediately helped you relax, knowing you were in the hands of someone who had had lived it. She bravely and generously spoke from her own personal experiences as well as giving new information.


Feedback from our nursing colleagues included comments such as, an outstanding teacher, articulate communicator. Some said it was the best training they had ever had on this mental health issue in such a short space of time. Her training inspired confidence, dispelled myths, fears and the stigma that surrounds self harm and showing us how to practically approach people are were suicidal

Alison, Nursing Team at Highfield School

Satveer provided sessions to staff and students at our school. After each one, there was a tangible, positive buzz among attendees. Satveer presents in a way that gets everybody giggling, then welling up; content is deliberately hard-hitting, but delivered compassionately. While some of the issues under discussion can be uncomfortable to talk about, Satveer’s personal and practical approach encourages dialogue, allowing individuals and groups to explore issues at a pace that’s right for them.

Annabelle, Assistant Head of KS5 at an Independent Boarding School.

Satveer’s talk to sixth form students proved an extremely effective way of addressing emotional wellbeing and mental health. The talk engaged students throughout, but they listened even more intently when Satveer talked about her personal experience. Knowing that the person talking to them was speaking both as an authority on the topic and also as someone who has faced challenges, had great impact. Students responded positively to the authenticity, sensitivity and openness that characterised the delivery. The talk led to interesting follow-up discussions with tutors. In all, a very beneficial event.

Dr Mary Plint, Head of Learning at Cheltenham College

I have been fortunate enough to hear Satveer speak on a number of occasions and as a Consultant in Emergency Medicine I have found her accounts of the patient experience both insightful and informative. I have used her accounts to adapt my practice, from carefully considering the use of common phrases which can negatively impact on a patients experience, to focusing on the basic needs of all our patients which can sometimes be overlooked. Satveer’s experiences of many facets of the NHS both adult and Paediatric are important for all healthcare professionals to hear as we strive to improve our patients’ experiences.

Dr Joey Godfrey, Emergency Medicine Consultant at Manchester Royal Infirmary

Satveer’s talk on Emotional Wellbeing to 200 of our Year 12 students was superb. Her style of delivery was excellent, interacting with the students to engage them fully in the talk. I was impressed with the techniques Satveer used to control this large group with no assistance from teachers. The content was thought provoking and helped students understand their own and their peers emotional wellbeing. Satveer has my highest recommendation.

David Gowler, Head of Geography at Sir Thomas Rich’s School

Satveer’s presentations on self- harm are excellent. She is a passionate advocate of the need to reduce the stigma surrounding this sensitive topic and manages to achieve this using a sophisticated combination of strategies, by questioning perception, clarifying aspects which lead to self- harm and by recommending strategies to help those who are affected by emotional distress and self- harm. She pitches the focus of her talks precisely to the needs of the group, be that a year 7 class or a staff CPD session, showing great sensitivity about how to approach the topic without alienating her audience. She uses humour to excellent effect but is not afraid to deliver the harsh facts in a manner that makes the point whist still maintaining engagement. Her appealing personality and no-nonsense approach mean she is able to skilfully command the attention of a whole year group. Satveer’s presentations to years 7-11 as well as to the staff, including a group of head teachers from India, was extremely well received and I recommend her without hesitation.

Caroline Fooks, Head of Yr12 at Reading School

Self-harm is a topic that everyone is aware of, but nobody talks about and I wanted to raise awareness of it in our school. Even though Satveer came highly recommended by a colleague, I was still anxious about presenting a ‘controversial’ topic to parents. However, I talked at length to Satveer about my reservation and within the first five minutes of her presentation to students, I relaxed. Her open, honest delivery engages the students from the start and the content is hard hitting, but sensitive and age appropriate. The parent’s session was a huge success and every single parent thanked us for having the courage to address the topic as a school. I cannot recommend Satveer highly enough and if you have any doubts about inviting Satveer into your school, pick up the phone and talk through your concerns. You will not regret it.

Vicky Sherwood, Assistant Head (former) at Box Hill School.

Satveer came to Prior Park College and spoke to years 8, 9, 10 and 11. In each talk she gave the students an honest and powerful insight into mental health, self-harm and suicide. She engaged the students, involving them throughout and always maintained an element of humour in her presentation. Satveer’s talk had a profound impact on our students and has led to some valuable discussions in subsequent tutorials.

Simon Cane-Hardy, Deputy Head Pastoral at Prior Park College

Satveer immediately engaged our students right from the start and all the way through the whole mornings workshops, they were glued to her every word. She delivers a highly emotive and specialist subject at exactly the right pitch which students understood. The feedback was outstanding from both staff and students. We cannot wait to get her back into school and she comes so very highly recommended!

Julie Poppleton, Head of CEIAG at Chase Terrace Technology College

We were privileged to have Satveer speak at our Channel Island Conference and she was brilliant! Professional, funny and charming, Satveer is able to normalise a very difficult topic in a real and down to earth manner, helping to break the fear and stigma so often associated with the complex and daunting topic of self-harm. I would highly recommend Satveer and her presentation style engages everyone, whatever their level of knowledge on the subject. Her personal story, and subsequent inspiration to do the work she does, is formidable. A brave and brilliant woman; “one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard!” “Inspiring” and “amazing” were just some of the comments from delegates.

Lynsey, Jersey Samaritans Conference Organiser

Satveer was the keynote speaker at our study day for pastoral deputies. Satveer’s presentation on self-harm was excellent. She spoke with passion, humour, honesty and a knowledge born of her own painful experience. She held the audience throughout with a skilful mixture of humour, hard-hitting information and well-judged activities. In the evaluations, all the delegates scored her session as 1 for Excellent. I would recommend her highly and without reservation for staff training in a Catholic school. While I have not seen her with students, I have no doubt that she has the skills and sensitivity to deliver age-appropriate and highly effective training to them.

Raymond Friel, General Secretary at the Catholic Independent Schools’ Council

I thought the course I did this week on self-harm was excellent. It really gave me a different insight into how to deal with a young person who self-harms, probably as it was delivered by Satveer who has a history of self-harm. Her story was very powerful! The structure of the course was really good as well. It gave us opportunity to have group discussions about the definitions and stats then Satveer gave it more context. So – my feedback – very good and worthwhile.”

Service manager from Hexagon Care Services (Young Peoples Residential Care Provider)


Brilliant session. Thank you very much for your time and everything you have taught us.


Thank you! A really useful day.

Deputy Head of Lower School

Great training session – I didn’t get bored at all!

Samaritan Listener

Excellent presentation – honest, clear and direct. Kept me fully engaged for 6 hours

full day attendee

Best training I have ever attended after 15 years of being on the job! Thank you!

Social Worker

Today I attended the most excellent and thought provoking training on self-harm delivered by the extremely passionate Satveer. One of the best courses I have ever attended

Elise, School Nurse

A truly insightful and thought provoking talk with our parents saying it was fantastic.

Godolphin School

Best CPD in 30 years of teaching’

Teacher, Surrey

Thought-provoking, challenging and ultimately useful. The passion for the subject really shone through.

Parent, The Cotswold School

I attended your session last week in Bridgend College and just wanted to take a minute to tell you how amazing I thought your session was. You covered such a lot in 45 minutes but left the whole group feeling like we all wanted more time with you to understand the issues relating to self-harm at a more in-depth level. Your honesty was breathtakingly brave, it’s a truly remarkable thing to be able to take such difficult and harrowing experiences and turn them into positive teaching experiences for people like me. Thank you so much for that!

Nadine, Senior Curriculum Administrator at Bridgend College

Proof that the human spirit can survive. Just exceptional. Heart wrenching, authentic and uplifting. Informative. Grabbed my attention from the start.

Attendee at the Samaritans Regional Conference in Bath

Just a message to thank you for your magnificent session. I find it very hard to imagine I will ever attend a more engaging, moving or witty training session during this lifetime. I am so grateful for the way you give people permission to be strong for others and to be candid and open. You inspire empathy and kindness and I hope your approach is adopted in a great deal of pastoral training. The mixture of analysis and personal input is valuable and led to really trenchant insights.

Ben, Teacher at Farringtons School

I am so grateful you invited Satveer Nijjar yesterday. It was genuinely the best training I have ever had. I found her so relatable, genuine, witty with an unpredictable humour which I think is the best way to approach such topics. Her deliverance reminded me of Jo Brand. She did not try to sugar coat anything, no euphemisms for the sake of accommodating the audience. It was real, true, raw and honest. And she has set things straight on some personal issues as well.

Teacher at Fettes College, Edinburgh

Humbling. Inspirational. Hopeful – as in – there is hope for the future.

Jo, Teacher at Shrewsbury School

In what could have been a difficult and awkward presentation from the audiences perspective, I felt it was dealt with in the best way possible.

Chris, After-school Supervisor at Shrewsbury School

In 30 years of teaching, today’s course was the most challenging and informative I have experienced. On both a personal and professional level this presentation was outstanding, thoughtful and life changing. Thank you.

Teacher, Shrewsbury School

So engaging and informative. Emotional, but humour kept us going!

T.A. at Shrewsbury School

Very inspiring speaker – the most I have come across in 10 years plus of inset days.

Staff member at St Mary’s Cambridge

Thank you for a great day. It was very inspirational.

Jess, Support Worker at Utopia Residential Care

I wish I had had this training 12 years ago staring in A+E – this would have totally changed my perception and helped me understand those who self-harm more. Best training day I have ever attended!

Sarah, School Nurse in Gloucestershire

The session was incredibly informative. I now have a new perspective on the whole subject. It was brilliant.

Parent from St. Edmunds School, Surrey

I just wanted to thank you so much about coming in today to talk to us about emotional wellbeing and what to do if you are coping with a problem. Having a father that owns a business looking after people with severe learning difficulties, I have experienced interaction with people who have these illnesses. When you get to know these people, most are more accepting of you than your closest friends are. Thank you so much once again, it really helped me understand what it really means to be emotionally healthy and what to do if you feel down.

Jack, Student at Box Hill School

As a parent, you hope you would never ever have to deal with anything like this, but information evenings like this,  promoting awareness of issues that are ever more present amongst our young people today are so important. It was a really informative, interesting and, surprisingly enjoyable evening given the subject matter. Satveer was extremely engaging in her delivery and I am sure everyone walked away from the meeting having more of an understanding and appreciation of the issues involved, I certainly did.

Parent at Thomas Keeble School Gloucester

Having recently attended a session offered by 2 of my teenager’s school for parents/carers I was left wondering why the local authority isn’t funding such sessions. The session was full of insight from Satveer who so bravely shared her own personal experiences. I wish that all teenagers were having the benefit of sessions with Satveer, maybe then the statistics would be changing, and less young lives would be being lost. Personally 2 of my teenagers are struggling with mental health issues, one of whom has been able eventually to accept help and is now moving forward, sadly the other has not yet. The whole session, start to finish, was so valuable and full of helpful ideas. If a school is wondering how they can justify using their budget for some sessions, they need to ask themselves how they justify not doing so.

Jane, parent at St. Peter’s High, Gloucester

Very inspiring speaker, the most I have come across in 10 years plus of inset days. Thank you.

Teacher, St. Marys School Cambridge

Excellent – One of the best presentations I’ve been to.

A superb trainer with terrific rapport, delivery techniques and providing the information needed.

The most amazing, informative, interesting, funny, sad course I have ever been on. Only negative it was too short!!!

Satveer was inspirational. Some excellent analogies and very hard hitting.

Excellent. Probably the best Study Day I have attended over the years. Very well delivered.

What a fantastic instructor. Very informative, excellent delivery.

Comments from educational staff attending a self-harm study day held by the Scottish Council of Independent Schols [SCIS]

Staff, students and  parents were blown away with your presentation; so many staff have come up to me and said how interesting, useful, insightful your talk was and how much they were affected by it. I personally have never seen an outside speaker talk to students in such an engaging and sensitive way on such a difficult subject; I think every secondary school teacher should have this training and every secondary school child should have a session led by you.

Teacher at St Katherine’s School, Somerset

It was most inspirational and interesting training had done in years.

Teacher at Worle Community School, Somerset

The lady was fantastic, the course was even more informative than i had imagined. I left feeling quite emotional but also very highly aware of things I didn’t know before or hadn’t thought about and can honestly say it was the best course I have done in a very long time.

Teacher at Worle Community School, Somerset