About Satveer Nijjar

Satveer Nijjar

I greatly appreciated your candour and your sense of humour. You dealt with a very emotive subject with a great delicacy of touch.

My initial involvement in working to improve the experience of people who self-harm came through personal experience of using services. Through this I became involved with the ‘Better Services for People who Self-harm Project’ (RCPSych) in 2006 and eventually began delivering training in general hospitals.

After graduating with a First Class Honours in Psychology in 2012, I decided that training was my future, but more importantly my passion. My dissertation on the role of culture in self-harm was awarded the Bernice McAuley prize for the highest quality undergraduate project in Psychology.

I am proud to state that both my training and public speaking is very well received, the feedback is regularly rated ‘excellent’.

I have experience of delivering to all staff groups including medical staff (acute, GP, nurses, paramedics CAMHS and AMHS), social workers, residential staff and teachers. I also have extensive experience of working with staff and students both within independent and state schools.

I can also deliver workshops and talks at local/national conferences and study days. Recent events have included PLAN study day (RCPSych), RCEM study days, Thames Valley CAMHs conference, BSA study day and conference.